Saturday Update: 04.21.2018


My friends, today was the culmination of everything you have been working for, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I regret that I wasn’t able to join you at the closing night party, but based on what everyone had learned and related to me, I did not feel safe attending. Thanks to you, my family has been reunited, and I fully appreciate just how far you had to fight to get there.

Saturday morning, our investigators met with Detective Jim Tucker after setting a meeting time on Friday night. He stuck his neck out one last time by sharing information from his case files, which he corroborated against an anonymous letter he received after the murder.

Piecing together the loyalty test contained within the letter, investigators gained access to an unexpected supporter of krewe unity … Jordan! She appeared shaken after the previous night’s strangling, suggesting they familiarize themselves with the Unity Ritual they had uncovered. (Though she was conspicuously evasive about the Exorcism Ritual they researched.) Committed to convincing her recent adversary Avery of the necessity of performing the Unity Ritual tonight, she informed investigators that she would contact me directly to blast out the exact location and time.

Our new initiates from both factions met at the Whann-Bohn Mansion, where most elected to split their krewe masks apart and trade halves, bonding them into a composite show of unity. When my parents arrived, this display drew them together, allowing for the Unity Ritual to be successfully performed. They removed their headdresses and embraced, finally themselves for the first time since the Fat Tuesday Ritual went uncompleted.

Their reunion was cut short by Jordan. While my parents were overtaken by the forces of Chaos and Order, their reunion allowed for her ascension as the trickster goddess, who had been manipulating so many of the events that brought us together. Thankfully, our dedicated membership had dutifully prepared themselves to perform the Exorcism Ritual, which restored Jordan to her original self.

The Krewe de Gras is mended, thanks to everyone who was willing to help me this weekend.

I’d like to have one last chance to say goodbye before we part ways. I’ll be in the lobby of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel from 11am to noon on Sunday, with a small token of our appreciation for all of your dedication. Hope to see you there.

And thank you again. So much.


Friday Update: 04.20.2018

Infiltrating not one but two krewes in just over a day … to say I’m impressed would be a massive understatement. I am in awe of my new friends and all they’ve accomplished so far during the Overlook Film Festival.

Friday began with the appointments set on Thursday night with Jordan of the so-called “True de Gras”, and Avery of the “Nue de Gras”. They offered full krewe initiation for those who could prove themselves by exploring Krewe de Gras history spread throughout New Orleans. Boy did they get more than they bargained for: investigators uncovered antique krewe attendance logs, information on the “sacred blossom” apparently used in both induction rituals and Annual Fat Tuesday Ritual, a transcript excerpt of the faction debates, and even a recording of my mother and father just before the split.

Those who successfully followed the clues were directed to the locations of the induction rituals, which several early solvers were generous enough to share with me so that I could get the word out.

Along the way, they were also able to use their newly gifted krewe coins to, in the words of those feuding officers, “find the name of our enemy’s deity”, which it appears they believe will somehow give them power over one another.

All this talk about deities and sacrifice has me seriously spooked. Even if it’s all in their heads … what those kinds of thoughts can make people do is just as terrifying.

Which brings us to the Friday centerpiece party, where our newly inducted krewe members witnessed a murder of one of their own. A few of them were able to convince Detective Tucker, who I know has been sniffing around the krewe for years, to let them have a peek at the crime scene: a broken Nue de Gras mask (though the victim was reportedly inducted into True de Gras earlier in the evening), a string of broken Mardi Gras beads used for the strangling, and a small scattering of flower buds. A lot of different theories about what it all meant, but based on everything else they discovered today, I think it’s safe to assume that someone is desperate to satisfy the annual sacrifice that went uncompleted on Fat Tuesday due to the split.

I’ve been getting word that Tucker has set up meetings for Saturday morning with our investigators, possibly to swap leads, outside Cafe du Monde from 10am to noon. Rumor has it he also managed to get his hands on a few of those fancy faction masks for the still uninitiated …


Puzzles #overlookfilmfestival

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Thursday Update: 04.19.2018

Wow! I’m so grateful for all the new friends I met today, and the help they have already provided. I never could have gotten this far on my own. I feel like we’re starting to get some idea of what might have happened to my parent’s krewe.

Thursday night, two krewe officers got into an … altercation, disrupting the Overlook Film Festival opening night party. I know that Avery always tended to side with my mother, and Jordan with my father, but it’s not yet clear exactly what has caused such a rift between them.

What is clear: my parent’s krewe has fractured, with Avery and Jordan each absconding to their local haunts to recruit our friends into their particular faction. I’ve been told that any recruits willing to join them were given appointments to meet tomorrow. Is this a test? Some kind of initiation? I’m so eager to hear back from those who are able to follow these paths and help me piece all this together.

For any of my registered investigators that have not yet attended orientation, or were not able to set up a time to meet with Avery or Jordan tomorrow, I’ve got good news: I’ll be back at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel tomorrow (Friday) morning from 10am to 12pm, and with some help, I managed to snag a few appointment cards to help kick off your journey.

My eternal gratitude,


I am marked. I hope I chose correctly. @thecelestialraven

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Reclaiming Krewe de Gras


I set this site up for my parents when I was a kid, and I decided to reclaim it in light of the current situation. I know it doesn’t look like much, and it seems like they didn’t really do anything with it, but who knows what we might find.

All I know is that I’ve noticed a change in my parents, and I’m worried about them. Something went wrong on Fat Tuesday, but I’ve never really been very involved in their krewe, and I wasn’t at the party. I’m hoping that the new friends I’ve made through the Overlook Film Festival can help me piece this together.

I’ll be posting daily updates on the investigation here.

Thank you all so much for your help.